Goldee invents intuitive and elegant ways to control home lighting. Light influences people's productivity, sleep, creativity and many other aspects of their lives. Our newest product, the Goldee Light Controller, forever changes how people interact with light, and how light interacts with them.

Goldee is a smart light controller that replaces your old light switch. Using specialized sensors, Goldee translates information from your surroundings into smart functions that cater to your needs. Thanks to Goldee's responsiveness to gestures, you can control your lights with a wave of your hand. Our accompanying Lighting Library ensures diverse lighting options for every occasion. The complementary Goldee app completes the product portfolio and is another means of controlling your home lighting.

Unique Value Proposition
Goldee redefines how people interact with light with a smart light controller.

The team consists of young professionals who are fascinated by light. Additional guidance is provided by experienced consultants and mentors.

The smart LED market is at this stage a very young market. The first smart bulb has been introduced at the end of 2012 nevertheless it already exceeded market anticipations. It is expected to grow to a market size of 10B $ in 2020 with a CAGR of 36%. Goldee is an early entrant in a rapidly growing market and strives to become one of the key players.


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