SERENUM is a Czech company and concentrating on the design, development and production of electronic and mechanic equipment, services for space and terrestrial applications.

SERENUM is in the conference V4 Startups in the Netherlands to find investors or cooperation partners.
SERENUM cooperation interest is particularly on long terms R & D partnerships, common European Space Agency (ESA) technology program activities (MetOP, EOEP, ARTES, FLPP, ELIPS, MREP, EGEP, SSA, GSTP, PRODEX....), Horizon 2020 partners in the following topics:

1.) Design mechanisms e.g. locking mechanisms, HDRM, front doors of coronagraph
2.) Composites design.
3.) Vibration test and calculation.
4.) Capacitive / inductive microaccelerometer.
5.) Optimal estimator (Kalman filters) design for IMU.
6.) Time-to-digit converter.
7.) Programmable delay controller.
8.) Direct RF signal generation DSP cores etc.



1. Inertial & measurement systems:
Capacitive microaccelerometer,
Inductive microaccelerometer,
Optimal estimator (Kalman filters) design for IMU.

2. Time & frequency control:
Time-to-digit converter,
Programmable delay controller,
Direct RF signal generation DSP cores,
Optimal clock ensembling algorithms,
Single-photon counting detectors and timing.

3. Custom electronics design


1. Design
Experiences with space applications (Locking mechanisms, HDRM, Front door of coronagraph),
Expert material selection,
Variant solution in case of complex assemblies.

2. Calculations:
Design verification,
Dynamics: MBS, Explicit.

3. Tests:
Clean room,
TV chamber,
Shock devices NDT,
Stress/strain measurement,

Unique Value Proposition

Our proposition is for example to start collaboration on the below mentioned projects:
1.) Technological movement of capacitive microaccelerometer
2.) Development of inductive microaccelerometer
3.) System of in-door navigation (inside of buildings), e.g. hybrid principle, localization bracelet/earring
4.) Design of customer circuits ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
5.) Project of open-source FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array
6.) Single photon / multiple photons lidar
7.) Project for development of HDRM - Hold Down and Release Mechanism
8.) Inertial navigation, algorithms of inertial navigation
9.) Clock ensembling algorithms
10.) Flight HW clock assembling to satellite
11.) Radiation resistant TDC - Time-to-digit converter. Precision measurement of time, phase and intervals.
12.) Radiation resistant PDC - Programmable Delay Controller - generation of any binary signal
13.) DPU, CPU, controlling electronics of satellite
14.) DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis), DSP (Digital Signal Processing) cores, generating of precise frequency / phase
15.) Measuring, generation, synchronization, distribution of precise time


SERENUM team: 15 engineers
SERENUM is 100% owned subsidiary of Aerospace Research and Test Establishment thus having, i.e., access to the pool of experts, testing and production facilities.
SERENUM is member of Association Of The Aviation Manufacturers.


OCEARI – Optimal clock ensembling algorithms with robust implementation for ESA
TT III-TX – Digital version, both transmit and receive, of modem for ranging and time transfer.
PROBA3 – ESA technology project. Front door assembly design and management and PA of Optical Objective Assembly for ASPIICS coronagraph.
Flutter – TAS-I contract within ESA CUST1.2 FLPP programme. Design, CFD and flutter calculations and wind tunnel experiments were performed on scaled aeroelastic models in subsonic, transonic and supersonic regimes. The latter results were also correlated with flutter calculations on full scale part.
SWARM – Project supported by ESA with EADS Astrium in prime contractor role. Within the project one engineering model and three flight units of capacitive microaccelerometer (see pictures below) including ground segment equipment have been delivered for three satellites of SWARM mission. The key responsibility was design, development, manufacturing, integration and verification of flight units including embedded software.
TEASER – Project supported by Czech Ministry of Industry. The objective is the flight verification of microaccelerometer during orbit operation. Within the project, the cooperation with the Russia institute has been realized. Launch on Russian satellite TATIANA 2, launcher SOJUZ.
MIMOSA – Research project of the 6-th Czech satellite of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The company participated in the vibration qualification testing including development and testing of the selected mechanical parts.

Early stage revenue

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