Corporate advisors guide market participants through the Altex listing process and continue to advise their clients throughout the investment life cycle. Altex offers corporate advisors a new market opportunity to take an active role in a fast-growing segment of alternative investment market.

Altex is focused on the needs of companies and corporate sellers of private assets while serving international investors in Europe. By applying for Altex membership, corporate advisors gain a new market opportunity to guide our market stakeholders in the respective target segment and provide them with corporate finance services during the investment process. As a corporate advisor, you can source new investment opportunities in hard-to-access and illiquid markets, attract new clients, expand your markets, raise new capital, and increase liquidity for existing deals.

Altex works closely with corporate advisors on both the buy-side and the sell-side. Altex screens and monitors the deal process to achieve high quality of listed assets and align genuine interests in beneficial long-term outcomes on both sides of the deal.

Key Benefits

Gain new market opportunity and client business
Access partners on buy- and sell-side
Enhance and simplify deal flow
Leverage the network of partners
Originate and access unique market deals
Increase returns for your clients

Work with a dedicated team of Altex professionals

Additional information

For more information contact ALTEX representative.

Tel.: +31 (0)10 799 5256


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